Buysmart Bed Bug Killer 750ml Trigger Spray

Buysmart Bed Bug Killer 750ml Trigger Spray
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Brand:  Buysmart

  • Fast acting micro-emulsion formulation
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Active ingredient: cypermethrin
  • Excellent knockdown and long lasting residual protection
  • Ready to use trigger spray with on-off twist

This powerful fast acting insecticide spray is ready to use on bed bugs and other insects in your home.

Buysmart Bed Bug Spray is suitable for use indoors on matteresses, carpets, furniture & bedframes.

In addition to bed bugs, this spray can also be used to treat the majority of flying and crawling insects.

Suitable for use on surfaces to deter bed bug infestations, as well as for on contact spraying directly on bed bugs.

Contains the professional active ingredient cypermethrin, as used by many professional pest controllers.

For best results thoroughly spray all hard surfaces around the infestation. Ensure that no areas are missed such as small cracks and crevices where bugs could be inhabiting, as bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Apply at a ratio of around 25-50 ml of product per square metre upon surfaces, or spray in moderation directly at bugs. Not suitable for use on clothes or bedding, which should instead be washed at as high a temperature as possible.

Please follow instructions carefully and read all precations before use.

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