Evo Stik Linseed Oil Putty 500g - Natural

Evo Stik Linseed Oil Putty 500g - Natural
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Brand:  Evo-Stik

  • For face glazing of door and window frames. .
  • Natural colour.
  • Can be used as a general wood filler.
  • Suitable for wood and metal frames.
  • Size: 500g.

Multi purpose linseed oil putty is a hand applied setting glazing compound for sealing glass into metal and wooden frames but is equally useful as a general wood filler.


All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose material.


All timber frames must be sealed either an oil based primer or with two coats of timber sealer prior to glazing.
Painted steel frames may be glazed without any further preparation.
Galvanised frames must be passivated or allowed to weather naturally prior to glazing.


Work putty in hands before use.
Ensure rebates are dirt free and prepared as detailed above.
Apply putty to rebate, bed in glass and secure with non rusting pins (wooden rebates) or spring clips (metal frames).
Apply putty to front face of glass and smooth to a triangular with a putty knife.


Product must be fully protected with an undercoat and top coat after a surface skin has formed. usually after seven days but no later than 30 days after glazing.
Allow undercoat to dry before applying gloss.
Overpainting before a skin has formed may result in bubbling and blistering of the paint film coupled with oil seepage.
Overpainting after 30 days may result in cracking and a loss of adhesion.
Varnish and preservative (microporous) stains should not be used as they do not provide adequate protection.


Maintenance is essential for long term performance of the putty.
Repair any defects or damages with fresh putty.
When painting or repainting ensure the paint seal overlaps the join between the putty and the glass.

Please Note:

  • Unsuitable for plastic frames, heat absorbing glass, double glazing or frames treated with decorative microporous stains.
  • Always mix contents of pack thoroughly to blend in any surface oil.
  • Do not overpaint until a surface skin has formed (minimum 7 days, maximum 30 days)
  • Do not apply below 4°c

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