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Rose Clear Ultra Concentrate - 200ml


New-generation dual systemic insecticide and fungicide

Bug Clear Ultra Concentrate - 200ml


Fast acting contact and long-lasting systematic control of many pests

Solabiol Bug Free Spray Gun RTU - 1L


Controls whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects, spider mite and mealybug

Solabiol Rose Bug Killer Spray Gun RTU - 1L


Vitax Box Tree Moth Refill (Pack of 2)


Bug Clear Ultra Spray Gun RTU - 1L


Bug Clear ultra is a contact and systemic action insecticide which offers a broad spectrum of pest control.

Rose Clear Ultra Spray Gun RTU - 1L


Rose Clear Ultra Gun! is dual systemic fungicide and insecticide ideal for roses, other flowering and ornamental plants.

Apollo Pea and Bean Net - 6m x 2m


With the correct spacing to encourage healthy growth of sweet peas and runner beans

Vitax Plant Pest Killer Spray Gun RTU - 300ml


Controls greenfly and other plant pests.

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Page 1 of 2:    13 Items