Jobdone General Purpose Concentrate Weedkiller 1 litre

Jobdone General Purpose Concentrate Weedkiller 1 litre
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Brand:  Job Done

  • Jobdone General Purpose Weedkiller 1 Litre - Kills Weeds & Grasses Fast!
  • Kills weeds and roots so they don’t come back
  • For broad leaved weeds and grass
  • Ideal for clearing unwanted vegetation
  • Weeded area can be replanted immediately

Jobdone general purpose concentrate weedkiller is a strong systemic weedkiller for effective control of annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds

Will work on grasses, Docks, Nettles, willowherb, Dandelion, bindweed and many more

Reaches right down to the roots as it is absorbed by the leaves or roots into the sap Stream and from there is circulated around the whole weed

It is inactivated immediately on contact with the soil and is broken down by the soil bacteria to leave no residues

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