Kent Car Care Microfibre 2 In 1 Noodle Wash Mitt

Kent Car Care Microfibre 2 In 1 Noodle Wash Mitt
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Brand:  Kent Car Care

  • Ideal for use on cars, in house and on boats.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Colours may vary.
  • One size fits all with non-slip elastic cuff.

One size fits all mircofirbe hyper absorbant wash mit with two distinct surfaces to clean your vehicle whilst protecting surfaces.

  • Soft noodle surface - to attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting paint, chrome and other surfaces
  • Mesh surface - to help remove stubborn stains and grime from windscreens, hub caps, headlights and bumper bars

Usage Instructions:

Rinse vehicle with water to remove loose dirt and grime.

Rinse mitt prior to use.

Submerge mitt in water with deep foaming car wash solution.

Wipe vehicle surface with gentle circular motion.

Regularly rinse mitt with clean water to remove dirt and particles (to prevent possible surface scratching). 

Rinse out any excess shampoo, wring out and hang in the shade to dry. Store dry.

Please Note: Do not use any bleach or fabric conditioner when cleaning as this will damage the item.

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