Neudorff Natural Vineweevilfree Nematodes Sachet

Neudorff Natural Vineweevilfree Nematodes Sachet
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Brand:  Neudorff
Type:  Insecticide
Control Method:  Natural

  • For quick and effective control of Vine Weevil larvae in borders, beds and pots
  • Will Treat up to 12 m² or 160 pots
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Safe for children and pets, treated areas may be entered immediately after application
  • Apply with either a watering can or Nemasprayer

Nematodes are very small roundworms that can be found in almost every ecosystem on earth. Some species of these tiny creatures are predatory and can be utilised in horticulture for the control of many soil borne pests as an alternative to chemicals.

Quick and effective control of Vine Weevil larvae in borders, beds and pots. Will treat up to12 m� or 160 pots

The area may be used immediately after application. Safe to you, children, pets and wildlife

Nematodes thrive in moist soil at temperatures between 10 and 30 �C, so the longer conditions remain in this range - the more effective they will be, so use under-glass all year round or use outdoors when the pest is present and the soil is warm enough. Usually from April until late June and again in August through to September.

The nematodes are very susceptible to UV light and should be applied in the evening or on cloudy/overcast days

This product will also treat the following pests: Black Vine Weevil, Asparagus beetle, Ant larvae (repels only, does not kill), Bagwom, Berry root weevil, Borers(tree and vine), Carrot Weevil, Citrus root weevil, Corn root worm, Cranberry root weevil, European Chafer, Flea(adult), Flea beetle, Gall midge, Grape root borer, Iris borer, Scarabs, Sugarcane stalk borer, Termite(queen), Fungus gnats, Sweet potato weevil, Ticks and Cucumber beetle.

PLEASE NOTE: This product has an expiry date of 24th Oct 2019 and must be used by this date as it is a live product.

This product DOES NOT need to be refrigerated unlike other nematodes on the market

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