Phostrogen Patio Plant Food Pouch - 800g

Phostrogen Patio Plant Food Pouch - 800g
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Brand:  Phostrogen
Type:  Plant Food

  • Promotes healthy green foliage, abundant flowers and fruit
  • Helps plants become more drought resistant and develop a strong healthy root system
  • For use on all plants indoors and out
  • Easily dissolved
  • Moisture resistant, re-sealable zip-lock pouch

An all purpose soluble feed for a healthy garden.

Suitable for use on all garden plants including edible crops, fruit trees, lawns, young plants, seedlings and even houseplants.

A well balanced plant food with trace elements.

Phostrogen promotes healthy green foliage, phosphate develops a strong healthy root system, potash develops abundant flowers and fruit, and helps them to become more drought resistant.

It's easy to use and its moisture resistant, re-sealable pouch makes it a very practical option.

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