Roundup Weedkiller Spray Gun RTU (No Glyphosate) - 1L

Roundup Weedkiller Spray Gun RTU (No Glyphosate) - 1L
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Brand:  Roundup

  • Roundup Naturals Weed control 1L - No Glyphosate, Naturally Breaks Down In Soil!.
  • Suitable for use on gravel paths, drives, along fences, around sheds and greenhouses .
  • Visible effects in just 3 hours*.
  • Apply April to November when the weeds are actively growing.
  • 1 Litre Bottle .

Roundup Naturals Weed Control Ready To Use.

Roundup NL Weed Control can be used to kill a broad range of garden weeds such as: clover, chickweed, common groundsel, black nightshade, sowthistle, black medick, annual meadow-grass and mayweeds. 

It is suitable for use on flower beds, vegetable patches as well as gravel paths and patios.

For the control of weeds around ornamental garden plants, trees.

Controls most weeds around the garden. 

Can be used to clean up weedy ground before planting vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees, and to renovate overgrown areas.

Should be applied on a calm, dry day when there is no risk of spray drift onto adjacent desirable plants.

Do not direct spray or allow spray drift onto cultivated plants and lawn as Roundup® NL Weed Control Ready to Use destroys all green plant parts.

When to use:-

Use in April to November when the weeds are actively growing.

For best results apply in warm, dry conditions when weeds are young and actively growing, usually during spring or early summer. 

Do not apply when there is a risk of frost as weeds will not be actively growing.

After 3 hours, product will not be washed away by rain which reduces the need for a repeat treatment.

Repeat treatment if necessary after a minimum of 7 days for larger weeds or where re-growth occurs.

For deep rooted annual weeds such as black bindweed use Roundup® glyphosate based product.

Roundup NL Weed Control is most effective on young weeds smaller than 10cm.

*Weeds may show visual effects within 2 - 3 hours after treatment, depending on weather conditions and type of weeds

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