Vitax Greenhouse Disinfectant - 500ml

Vitax Greenhouse Disinfectant - 500ml
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Brand:  Vitax

  • Will sanitise your equiptment and working areas quickly.
  • For use on glass, work surfaces and equipment such as knives and tools.
  • Use in greenhouses, garages, utility rooms and outbuildings.
  • Sanitises pre-cleaned surfaces within five minutes.
  • Size: 500ml 

Vitax concentrated greenhouse cleaner and disinfectant with added citrus oils.

Perfect for use on glass, work surfaces, equipment such as knives and tools in utility rooms, garages, greenhouses and other outbuildings.

Greenhouse disinfectant will sanitise your utensils and working areas quickly.

It is also suitable for cleaning slime build up in capillary matting and irrigation systems as well as preventing blocked and clogged pipes.

Not just confined to the greenhouse, this versatile cleaner can be used for cleaning bird tables and ornamental pots.

Applied using a hand-operated or low pressure-sprayer, or traditional cloths and mops.

All surfaces which require cleaning should be pre-cleaned beforehand to remove surface dirt.

Leave the Greenhouse Disinfectant to soak in areas with heavy, dried on soil deposits.

Contains: 2% w/w benzalkonium chloride with orange oil.

Keep out of reach of children and where possible wear protective gloves and face protection.

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