Vitax Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi Sachet - 60g

Vitax Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi Sachet - 60g
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Brand:  Vitax

  • Produces stronger more resilient plants.
  • Reduces the need for additional fertiliser.
  • Just add to the bottom of the planting hole or pot.
  • Contains mycorrhiza fungi and biostimulants.
  • 60g Sachet.

Vitax Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi is packed with beneficial organisms and biostimulants to boost root growth and create healthier plants.

The Mycorrhizal Fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plants by living on or in the roots. This makes phosphate, nitrogen and other nutrients more readily available to the host plant. 

They also extend the effective root area by many hundreds of times so plants grow faster longer and stronger with less fertiliser and water.

One 60g Pouch will treat up to:

  • 80 x 2"(5cm) Pots
  • 30 x 4"(10cm) Pots
  • 10 x 6"(15cm) Pots
  • 2 x 12"(30cm) Pots
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